Halloween Town – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Halloween Town – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Halloween Town – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Disembark and you’ll be at the Guillotine Gate, from here head straight through to Guillotine Square. Attempt to attack the Ghost Heartless that spawn here to trigger a scene and then when you try and enter the door on the opposite side of the square, you’ll trigger the introduction of a new character, Jack Skellington. Once that’s over you’ll be able to control Sora again. You’ll find a few items scattered about this area, so let’s grab them. Start by heading to the stairs that are just past the Guillotine. If you look under the stairs you’ll find a chest containing a Thundara-G. From here, climb the stairs and ring the doorbell three times to get an Elixir. Head back to the main square and through the door to the Lab Entryway.

Head up the stairs and into the Research Lab.

You’ll witness some scenes with Jack and the Doctor trying to give a Heart to the Heartless. Afterward, Sora will offer to help with the missing ingredients. First off we need to head over to find Sally.

Before you leave the Lab, examine the bookcase to receive another Torn Page. This will unlock another area in the 100 Acre Woods, back in Traverse Town.

The Research Lab – Building A Heart

Exit the lab to hear that the Heartless have become hostile from the Mayor. Continue into Guillotine Square. Defeat the Heartless and look around for a gap in the wall that leads to some stairs and the Graveyard Area. Here you’ll find some new Heartless waiting for you:

New Heartless: Wight Knight

New HeartlessWight Knight
Drops:Lucid Gem (4%)
Hi-Potion (2%)
Mega-Potion (0.5%)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix - New Heartless: Wight Knight

Clear the area and Jack will speak to Zero, his dog, and ask him to find Sally. After she emerges from hiding, you’ll obtain her “Forget-Me-Not” continue back to Guillotine Square to trigger a cutscene.

Make your way back to the Lab Entryway and continue into the Research Lab to hand over the “Forget-Me-Not”. You’ll then be asked to find “Surprise” and told to speak to the Mayor, who may know what you need. After the cutscenes, head out of the Research Lab and back to the Guillotine Square. Take the time to defeat any Heartless you encounter along the route as well. Head back into the Graveyard. Defeat the enemies there to be able to interact with the coffin at the back of the area. This will teleport you to the Boneyard.

Here in the Boneyard you’ll find the Mayor, speak to him. He’ll explain that the nearby tombstones have ghosts come out of them in a specific order. Watch the stones to see the ghosts emerge, after they finish, interact with the stones in the order that the ghosts appeared to hear something explode. If you search the area you’ll find a now destroyed pumpkin that has a chest inside it, this contains the “Jack-In-The-Box” which is suitable for the surprise element for the heart.

Return to Guillotine Square and head for the Research Lab. You’ll be able to hand over the “Jack-In-The-Box” to the Doctor. A scene will trigger and three small children will steal the now completed heart. Leave the Lab and head for Guillotine Square to chase after them.

Moonlight Hill

Once you reach Guillotine Square, Jack will have Zero lead the way after the children. Before you can follow, you’ll be confronted by a new Heartless.

New Heartless: Gargoyle

New HeartlessGargoyle
Drops:Lucid Gem (4%)
Ether (2%)
Mega-Ether (0.5%)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix - New Heartless: Gargoyle

If you’re having difficulty reaching the Gargoyles, you can use the Gravity spell to pin them back down to the ground, or Thunder to hit them regardless of where they are. Make your way to the Graveyard, and then through to the Boneyard. Take your time and defeat the enemies that will spawn as you go.

In the Boneyard, you’ll find a door to the right of where the Giant Pumpkin was, head through it to arrive in the Moonlight Hill.

Take the time to run around the outside of Moonlight Hill and defeat all the Heartless that spawn. Once you’re done, interact with the gravestone at the base of the hill in the middle to access the Bridge area.

Oogie’s Manor

First of all, you’ll want to clear the area of Heartless. Under the Bridge, you’ll find a chest with a Flare-G contained within it. Scattered around this area you’ll find two more chests you can reach by jumping from various points of the bridge. The first contains a Meteor-G and the second a Defense Up. If you find you cannot reach one of the chests, we’ll soon be able to return here with the Glide skill. So don’t spend too much time if you can’t get the jump to work out. Head through the Gate to Oogie’s Manor once you’re done.

When you first arrive in the area, jump off of the side of the bridge to the area at the very bottom of the Manor. Here if you look around you’ll find a stone archway, make your way there to find our next Red Trinity. Activate it for a treasure chest to appear, containing a Mythril Shard. Head to the base of the Manor in the middle of this area and circle around until you find a Bathtub. Jump inside and it’ll return you to the start of the area.

Head straight towards the front door, you’ll find a chest here just beside it containing an Ether. Inside the room you’ll need to defeat the Search Ghost Heartless that spawn, you’ll then be able to access another chest containing a second Ether. To continue up to the higher levels you’ll need to use your Fire magic on the floating platform to light the base of it. This will make it float up and down, ride it up a level and jump off onto the platform.

You’ll be at the start of a winding path here, just follow it along, defeating the Heartless as you go. Eventually you’ll come to a set of large grey stairs, here the path will fork. Take the left hand side path to reach a chest in a cage. You’ll need to jump onto the nearby ‘roof’ and then jump through the hole in the cage to access the chest. It contains a Mega-Ether. Head back to the stairs and take the other path to reach the Evil Playroom and another Boss Battle.

Evil Playroom

Enter the Evil Playroom for a short cutscene where the children dispose of the Heart. You can attack the kids in any order you want but defeating the one in the Devil costume, then the Witch, then the Skeleton, yields the highest EXP gain for the fight.

Boss Battle: Lock, Shock, and Barrel

Boss:1 - Lock (Devil)
2 - Shock (Witch)
3 - Barrel (Skeleton)
HP:1 - 150
2 - 120
3 - 180
EXP:1 - 80
2 - 120
3 - 180
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix - Lock, Shock, and Barrel Boss Battle

After the fight, you’ll gain access to a save point in the room, make sure you use it to return everyone to full health and MP. There is also a lever in the room you need to pull, and by pull I mean hit it with your Keyblade.

Head outside the Evil Playroom and back to the cages past the set of stairs we were at before. Here you’ll notice another cage has been lowered. You can jump down onto it and then hop inside to claim an Orichalcum from a chest inside. A door nearby, if examined will warp you to another part of Oogies Manor. You can also get here by jumping off of where you are and falling towards a Green Door at the base of Oogies Manor. No matter which way you choose to use, defeat the Heartless that spawn here and then Heal up before taking the now unlocked Green Door into the Torture Chamber.

Torture Chamber

When you enter, you’ll witness a cutscene of Jack demanding Oogie give back the Heart. Oogie swallows it instead, in an effort to gain control over the Heartless. Shortly afterwards the Boss Battle will commence.

Boss Battle: Oogie Boogie

Boss:Oogie Boogie
Rewards:Holy Circlet (Accessory)
Ansem's Report 7
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix - Oogie Boogie Boss Battle

Oogie Boogie will stand on the outer ring of the area hurling dice, and angry insults at you. Depending on the numbers displayed on the dice will be what happens next. See the table below for possible outcomes.

Oogie Boogie’s Dice Attacks

Number on Dice:Oogie's Attack:
1Summons a Circular Saw that bounces around the area.
2Summons a pair of Gargoyle Heartless.
3Summons a pair of Wight Knight Heartless.
4Summons Scythes from the ceiling that drop into the arena and bounce up and down for several seconds.
5Summons a pair of Search Ghost Heartless.
6Restores Oogies Boogie's Health slightly.
Dice attack outcomes for the Oogie Boogie Boss Battle in Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

One of the easiest strategies to beat this fight is to simply summon Bambi and have him constantly restore your MP while you continuously cast Thunder magic on Oogie Boogie. Since Thunder magic will still hit him on the outside of the ring you can do a considerable amount of damage to him before Bambi dissappears.

The way the fight is meant to be played however, is that you dodge his attacks and defeat any Heartless he summons. Button’s in the centre of the ring will begin to glow and you must hit the button closest to where Oogie Boogie is to trap him and you on the same platform. You’ll then be able to jump up and reach him for several attacks before being knocked back down to repeat the cycle. Once he’s finally defeated you’ll be rewarded with a Holy Circlet and Ansem’s Report 7.

Oogie’s Manor Boss Battle

You’ll leave the Torture Chamber and have some scenes leaving the Mansion area. As you go to cross the bridge to exit, you’ll be hit with what seems to be an earthquake, but is actually Oogie Boogie fusing with his mansion to become the next boss battle.

This Boss Battle isn’t with Oogie Boogie directly, instead you must now climb the Manor, which has become infused with Dark Energy. You’ll need to destroy all the Dark Orbs that are now attached to the Manor to finish this fight. There are a total of 7 of these Dark Orbs on the Mansion, make sure to keep Aero on yourself as you climb. The mansion will continuously spawn Gargoyle Heartless and spit homing fireballs at you, so Aero will help to soak up some of the damage as you climb. Try to end this fight quickly by ignoring the Heartless and just focus on destroying the Orbs.

Once the final Orb is destroyed, Oogie’s Manor will crumble. You’ll be rewarded with an upgrade to your Gravity magic, Gravity to Gravira. Sora will seal the now revealed Keyhole and everyone will meet back at the Lab.

The Pumpkinhead Keyblade

Here you’ll receive the next Keyblade, the Pumpkinhead Keyblade. This one has a long reach and the ability to string together a series of Critical hits, making it a very powerful option if you mostly play Melee. The Crabclaw Keyblade will still be better if you prefer to fight with Magic though.

Head back to Guillotine Square and out through Guillotine Gate to find a save point and board the Gummi Ship to head to our next destination, Neverland.

100 Acre Woods Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Don’t forget you can also return to Traverse Town and complete the next page of the 100 Acre Woods. If you have followed along so far, then this should be the final Torn Page for you to complete. If you’ve followed the guide you’ll receive an EXP Ring Accessory, a Mythril, and the Cheer ability for Sora.

Halloween Town – Post Oogie’s Mansion Collapse

After you’ve defeated Oogie and sealed the Keyhole you’ll be able to access several new items. First of all, head back to Moonlight Hill and look for the Door with a Christmas Tree on it. Head inside to claim several chests including; a Scissors-G, a Holy-G, a Dark Matter, and Dalmatian’s 64, 65, and 66. You can also head to the area where Oogie’s Manor was, defeat the Heartless that spawn to find a chest in the center of the area containing Dalmatian’s 40, 41, and 42.

Make your way to complete the 100 Acre Woods next, or head over to Neverland.

Halloween Town – Post Hercules Cup

Here we have a couple of new chests we can reach with a combination of the High-Jump and Glide abilities. Head into the Guillotine Square, all the chests are located here. However, you’ll need to head over to where you can see a Jack-O-Lantern on the wall. Here you’ll find a ledge you can jump up to. Turn the camera so that you can see the next ledge you need to reach on the left of where you are. Jump and use your Glide if you need to get onto the ledge and inside the ‘mouth’ here. You’ll find a chest containing a Power Up. Examine the outside of this mouth to find another one close by that you can Glide over to. It should be to the left of where this one was. Glide over to find another two treasure chests, containing; an Elixir and Dalmatians 70, 71, and 72.

Agrabah Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

With these chests collected, head back to the save point, board your Gummi Ship, and head over to Agrabah.

Halloween Town – Post Hollow Bastion

Disembark in Guillotine Square, head through the Gate and into the Graveyard. Defeat all the Heartless and continue forward until you reach Moonlight Hill. Here you’ll need to defeat all the Heartless in the area before you’ll be able to activate White Trinity (#8) to reveal a chest containing Dalmations 67, 68, and 69. With that done, make your way back to Guillotine Gate and board the Gummi Ship for Neverland.

Neverland Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Final Mix

Continue the hunt for White Trinities in our next location, Neverland.

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